THIS IS A BORING STORY! is a narrative RTS where the player controls a group of villagers drawn on a piece of paper. Starting with just 2 villagers, cut down trees, build huts, and grow your population. Be wary of the eraser, as what else could be as deadly to a village made of graphite?
My Roles:
        Game Design - designed game flow and interactive game play elements
        Programming - Programmed functionality for pathfinding AI, structure for buildings and objects, and other systems such as achievements, tutorials, and aesthetic effects
        Art / Animation - Hand drew much of the art, including characters, objects, and buildings; rigged and animated characters / objects

Team: Michael Lu, Wei Zhang in collaboration with Amelia Allen, Michael Wilson from USC Thornton School of Music
Made for CTIN 532 Interactive Design and Production I
Look at our dev blog HERE

Download and Play the Game!

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